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Who we are?

The Observatoire de la formation professionnelle du Québec was founded on November 26, 2019. It is a group of researchers and stakeholders gravitating around vocational education and vocational education teacher training in Québec.

The Observatoire’s founding professors collectively took a position regarding equal sharing and pooling of strengths that should govern their work. They have also chosen to integrate vocational education stakeholders in the Observatoire in order to solidly anchor their work in a diversity of situations and to ensure its pertinence.

Thus, the Observatoire gives vocational education stakeholders an opportunity to build interorganisational and interprofessional networks, as well as to provide a place for researchers, teachers and managers to share and discuss various ideas.

The Observatoire will contribute to the influence of vocational education by making its work available to other training sectors. These works include the expertise developed by teachers in terms of teaching intervention in the context of diversity, intervention based on various modalities as well as initial training and ongoing proficiency training.

Our Logo : an identity that brings people together

With the goal of valuing vocational education, the Observatoire held a contest in January of 2020 to create its logo. It was open to students registered in the computer graphics programme at the Centre de formation Compétences 2000 in Laval.

The contest specifications established four selection criteria: originality, representation of the Observatoire, clarity and ease of recognition.

The Observatoire members chose the logo created by Raphaël Doyon whose design respected the spirit of the Observatoire de la formation professionnelle. Raphaël describes his creation this way :

Logo Observatoire

Concepteur : Raphaël Doyon,
élève en infographie au Centre de formation
Compétences 2000

A symbol of strength and unity

The combination of the five shapes represents the five universities which offer a bachelor of vocational education in Québec and symbolises the strength of the collaboration of their members where several minds work together to solve issues that are raised.

Openness and integrity

The choice of colours and the form of the circle express openness towards the appreciation and recognition of Voc. Ed. by fostering discussions between members and the many stakeholders in Voc. Ed.


The clarity and ease of recognition of the group are expressed through a standard format logo complemented by the fluidity of the shapes and colour palette used.


The five colours represent each of the five universities which offer a BVE, mobilised around the development of professional competencies by both vocational education students and teachers.