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Become a member

Devenir membre

A Growing Community

To successfully achieve its mission in harmony with its vision and values, the Observatoire depends first and foremost on the expertise and dynamic community of vocational training.

All people and organizations working in, or interested in vocational training, can become a member of the Observatoire in their preferred way:



use, consult, or develop resources;


be regularly informed of progress and activities carried out by the Observatoire;


be called upon for their expertise on certain projects, depending on the case.

As such, the Observatoire also welcomes you if you are vocational training teachers, manage a public or private centre, are a professional or educational counselor, an employer or representative of an employment-related organization, researcher, student from one of the five bachelor programs in vocational education in Quebec, graduate student or postdoctoral students, etc.



Join the community!

avantages de devenir membre Observatoire


Are you interested in vocational education? Here are some of the benefits of joining the Observatoire:

Information bank

Access to digital teaching and learning resources specific to vocational training and education.


Participation in creating resources, in project realization, or research contributing to progress in vocational education and training.

Shared Expertise

Access to expertise and networking with diverse stakeholders in vocational education in Quebec. Access to knowledge from research.

Access to activities

Access to professional and scientific activities from the Observatoire: conferences, workshops, consultations, and much more.

Member status is valid for a two-year period with the possibility for renewal. However, members can cancel their membership and no longer be a part of the Observatoire by sending an email to the Observatoire. 

Would you like to become a member of the Observatoire?