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Boîte à Outils Observatoire


Boîte à outils Observatoire

References and resources

The Tools section has a multitude of resources and an impressive selection of material on subjects dealing with vocational education. You can find the Observatoire’s researchers’ and graduate students’ bibliographical references and access freely available educational resources (Resources section) for anyone interested in vocational education training and teaching.


Outils Observatoire

By clicking on the Resources link, you will find copyright-free digital content that supports teaching and learning in vocational education and vocational education teacher training. Commented videos, analyses of teaching situations, and interviews with teachers that have developed a particular expertise are just a few of the available resources intended for teachers, BVE students, academic advisors, professionals and professors gravitating around vocational education in Québec.


Outils Observatoire

The researchers at the Observatoire and their graduate students produce professional and scientific articles that are presented here in themed categories.

to projects

Outils Observatoire

The Observatoire was created for the vocational education community. Therefore, thanks to the projects headed by researchers at the 5 Québec universities, the students taking their bachelor’s degree in vocational education, teachers, academic advisors, and the management at vocational education centres as well as collaborators from the business sector, the Observatoire will garner an enviable reputation in the world of vocational education.

Financial support

Outils Observatoire

The Observatoire benefits from financial support of the ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur. Financing was awarded within the framework of the Mandats stratégiques, Élaboration de projets inédits en sciences de l’éducation programme.