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Mission Observatoire


Working towards progress and appreciation

Motivated by a deep desire to value and enrich vocational education knowledge, practices, teaching and learning, the Observatoire’s founders rely on the collaboration between universities and vocational education centres.

This collaboration is driven by the conviction that the advancement of vocational education is founded on the engagement of university researchers, as well as various education systems and business stakeholders.

By offering a larger window on vocational education, the Observatoire recognises it as one of the strategic pillars for the development of Québec as a society. To accomplish this, it prioritizes research and the dissemination of new knowledge, provides access to didactic and techno-pedagogical resources and speaks publicly to support the recognition and continuous improvement of vocational education.

Vision Observatoire


The Observatoire is the reference when it comes to vocational education in Québec. It has a considerable influence on society by sharing the professional practices of vocational education teachers, stakeholders and researchers. This influence is also exerted through:


Sharing training practices for vocational education teachers;


Developing and transferring practical and scientific knowledge;


Improving training practices for vocational education teachers.

Valeurs Observatoire



This value highlights the importance of a working atmosphere that is conducive to the development of training and research which is built firstly on healthy discussion practices, with trust, respect, and transparency among members, in the synergy that emerges from pooling when several minds work together to solve given problems.


This value deals with the choice of research subjects, the conduct of research and the dissemination of results which should be motivated mainly by the concern for the advancement of knowledge in the service of individuals’ personal development and improvement in the quality of training.


This value promotes the access to and taking into account of diverse viewpoints, not only in terms of theories, explanatory diagrams, cultural references, educational and technological devices, but also in terms of methodological approaches. It underlies the fact that the progress and recognition of Voc. Ed. require an increase in the number of discussions taking place between members and the ensemble of Voc. Ed. stakeholders.


This value highlights the importance of positioning practices, relating them to the theoretical or conceptual development of research and making them accessible to Voc. Ed. stakeholders in an effort to transfer knowledge and put it into practice.